It is with great honor and pleasure that we acknowledge the generosity of our friends from Korea, America, and abroad.

Please join us in creating a new source of inspiration for the Jewish community of Korea.

From children’s books through holiday how-to guides and on to the great writings of the sages, The Jewish Library of Korea
needs your financial support.

Your donations can add a book, a set, or a whole section.

Already we are on our way with the help of the following generous donors.

Thank you!

 Sponsored By

The Rohr Family Foundation, USA 

Mr. Richard & Mrs. Ludia Stahlberg, Germany

Elie and Suzy Horn Foundation, Brazil 

Forex Capital Market LLC, USA

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Dedicated by


Sarah Berson, USA

In honor of her late brother Al Goldstein 

Benjamin Mayer, USA In memory of his parents James & Sandra Mayer
Ian Levine, Israel 
Sarah Abrams, Korea  
Tuvia Kimball, USA

On the great news of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak Deitsch's speedy recovery 

The Postol family, Korea 
Menizzi Eyewear Inc, USAIn memory of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg
David Sudikoff, USAFor the speedy recovery of Necha Esther Bat Chaya
Yoav & Shelly Korn, Korea In memory of Raya bat Chaim

 Donated by


Levi & Miriam Hodakov, USAIn memory of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg HY"D
Marius Soicher, KoreaIn memory of his grandmother Ester Pascal
Itzik Yona, IsraelFor the speedy recovery of Ovadia Ben Hana and for the success of Yonaco Group
Barbara Amihod, Canada 
Edina Sultanik, USAIn memory of Gedalia Menche
Jeffrey Lazar, Korea 
Avner Leite, BrasilIn honor of Leah Ruth, Uri, Sarah & Rachel Hannah Leite
Manuel London, USAFor the speedy recovery of Ruth London - Rachel bat Natan
Yaakov Alberts, USAIn memory of his loving parents Phillip and Felicia Alberts
Bill Swisshelm, Korea 
Naori Emil, IsraelIn honor of Rabbi Osher Litzman
Rabbi Tuvia Litzman, Israel 
Susan Wise & Gary Levin, AustraliaIn honor of their recent adoption of Benjamin Jeong Levin to their family from South Korea
Janet & Gordon Berkley, IsraelIn memory of חיים יעקב בן ברוך (Hal Klein)
Rachel Halperin, Israel 
Adina & Colin Singer, CanadaIn honor of their wonderful experience of living in Seoul, Korea 1994-1995
Eugene & Marilyn Milanaik, USAIn Loving Memory of Sam Engel and in Loving Celebration of the Birth of Samuel Abraham Milanaik Goldman
Edna & Dan Janco, CanadaIn honor of the Rabbi & young member of your community visiting our daughter, Amit Janco, at the Airport Hospital in Seoul in March 2009
Anonymous, UKFor success materially and spiritually
Benny Karmon, Israel 
Harry Himmelstein, USAOn the occasion of ann studna's 95th birthday
Wahrhaftig Baruch, USAIn memory of Ephraim Alter ben Moshe Halevi
Pierre Cohen-Aknine    , Korea 
Jonathan & Susan Duker, IsraelIn honor of the Litzman family for their amazing hachnasat orchim
Steven Joselson, USA In memory of Sherwin Joselson
Edward Halper, USA 

Donated by: 

Chabad of Tokyo 
L.S., USA 


  “… and drink their words with thirst.
-Yose ben Yoeser, Pirkei Avot -

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  My pen is my harp and my lyre; my library is my garden and my orchard.
- Yeudah Ha-Levi Spanish Poet, Physician -